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Just Plain Organic!

Our motto.....
IF we can't pronounce it you won't be eating it!

It's pretty simple- we enjoy good food to much to add any artificial particle to our good food. 

SO- give us your tired tastebuds & let us revive them.  

Happy Munchin!

Baking side of life....

It began at age 5 and has continued on and developed into a business that I truly love and enjoy doing.

Our ingredients are Organic and as local as I can get them.  Pick up our delectable baked goods at any of the markets listed on"Places you catch me"

“Christy’s Bakery is a small, family-run operation that has not yet completed the requirements for organic certification under USDA regulations. Because of that, our baked goods are not ‘certified organic,’ but we are committed to fresh, local, sustainable food production practices and use only the finest organic ingredients. We may not be stamped and certified, but as we like to say, we are ‘Just Plain Organic.’”
Produce side of life....

First and most important we begin with growing fantastic dirt.  Then we add Heirloom/Organic variety seeds that we get from reputable growers, such as High Mowing seeds out of Vermont, etc. 

We make every attempt to not use chemicals of any type, even the ones that are approved by the OMRI.  WE do use soil amendments such as compost, grass clippings, green sand, etc.  

Once you bite into one of our veggies I think you will agree we grow great dirt and the proof is in the veggie.


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